COSMESE research Projects are developed as shown:
Plant and Pharmaceutical Biology - with researches about Taxonomy, Ethnopharmacology, Physioecology, Agronomic and biotechnologies studying on taxa showing interesting practical prospectives. Biomasses for Phytochemistry and Pharmacology research come from growed material resulting from autochthonous germplasm; on this point COSMESE ensures that the agricoltural chain follows rigorously international procedures in keeping Biodiversity.
Accurate Extractive - with phytochemical analysis of vegetal matrices realized with analytic and preparative principle through extraction with supercritical fluids.
Pharmacology - with in vitro and in vivo screening on biologic activities as anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-HIV activities; antimutogen/mutagen-protective and antiproliferative, apoptotic/antiapoptotic, erythroid differentiation.
Environment - with particular attention to vegetal resources in their complex interaction with ecosystem. COSMESE collaborates with Public Istitutions to risolve vegetal territorial emergencies, improving the role of plants.
Education - with Research Doctorates and scholarships for graduates interested to applied research. COSMESE, according to other institutions, developes training and refresher courses for Doctors, Biologists, Chemists and Pharmaceutical Chemists.


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